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You can also negotiate with the seller for a percentage of the positive cash flow, even if you are using one of the strategies in which you do not remain in the deal.

You can consult with buyers and sellers.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to explore the potential of O. You charge a consulting fee to help buyers and sellers with the lease purchasing their property.

You can flip a contract or sell a pure option to another investor and receive money in this manner.P.

You can also make money on cash flow., Other Peoples Property.?

What are you waiting for?

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. It is well documented that Real Estate is the world's greatest wealth builder.P. When the tenant/buyer exercises the option to purchase the property, and if the deal is structured in this way, you can receive money at the closing.

You can create your own, high quality notes, which will give you a very nice monthly income.P., or Other People's Property. Some of them are:

You make money with the assignment fee.P.

Every year, thousands of people get started building their fortunes in Real Estate. Lease Purchasing. Sometimes the seller just doesn't want you in the deal or a buyer wants to do it themselves. In these cases you can consult with buyers and sellers and show them how to do it.

You can receive money at closing. Lease Purchasing allows you to control property without ownership and this has benefits for all. Cash flow is the difference between what the tenant/buyer pays you and the obligation you have on a property. This will vary depending on the strategy you use.P. All it takes is the desire to succeed, some time investment on your part and some specialized knowledge. The assignment fee is the money you receive from selling a contract you have on a property. You can add $20,000 to $30,000 to your present income on a part time basis.

Lease Purchasing is a specialized niche in the field of Creative Real Estate, which allows you to control property without the trouble of ownership; and profit from this.

The niche of Lease Purchasing grants you the ability to reach your financial freedom, with O.P.

In a previous article we introduced you to the concept of O. A realistic first year income is $50,000 to $75,000 for someone working full time.

As you can see, Lease Purchasing comes very close to being the Perfect Home-Based Business.

In that article we asked you what you would do if you found a business that:
* could generate multiple streams of income
* would work in any area of the country
* could be worked both locally and nationally
* could be worked both on and off the web
* would allow you to build your air hose reels long term net worth
* and, can be started either in your spare time or part time

What we are talking about is a wonderful business that allows you to generate immediate cash flow and also build your long term net worth. Lease Purchasing affords wonderful benefits and opportunities to sellers, buyers, investors and those who would like to operate a home-based business.

So, what is this wonderful business.

Lease Purchasing provides you with a variety of ways to make money

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